Preventive Dentistry in Metairie LA

A Multi-Generation Family Smiles in front of a wooded area | Preventive Dentistry Metairie LAThe most valuable tools we have for protecting your family against serious dental problems are preventive treatments like cleanings and exams. At Oak Family Dental, our goal is to save you time and money by finding and preventing potential problems now rather than dealing with more serious consequences later. 

We focus on informing and educating our patients about certain preventive services and why they are necessary for good dental health. Our practice has been creating healthy smiles for over 30 years. You can count on our knowledgeable team to take the time to answer your questions so we’re certain that you feel completely confident about your treatment.

Your First Visit

When you arrive at our Metairie dental office for your first visit, we’ll start with a one-on-one chat with one of our doctors. We’ll get to know you and talk to you about your dental goals and concerns so we can take the first steps in developing a plan for your treatment. 

Next, we’ll perform a comprehensive exam, charting existing dental work and noting any developing problems. We’ll also use our state-of-the-art digital imaging to take x-rays so we get a highly detailed view of what’s happening inside your teeth.

Since we’ve learned to expect the unexpected, we plan your treatment in stages, resolving each problem as we go. This gives us the flexibility to manage your treatment in a way that really takes your unique needs into account. 

Professional Dental Cleanings

No matter how well you brush and floss, regular cleanings are crucial. Without a doubt, semi-annual professional cleanings are your best defense against serious oral health problems. 

You may be very diligent about your oral hygiene practices, but regular professional cleanings and exams are still necessary. Our hygienists perform gentle cleanings to help you stay a step ahead of gum disease and decay, giving you a fresh start every six months.

Gum disease is a serious oral health concern. It affects millions of people and is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults over the age of 30. Regular cleanings can virtually stop periodontal disease in its tracks. If we find that you have gum disease, our hygienist will recommend an overall treatment plan. This may include a deep cleaning and more frequent visits to prevent the disease from progressing. 

Protect Your Family’s Oral Health With Sealants and Fluoride

Two other valuable services we offer for you and your family are the application of fluoride and dental sealants.

Fluoride — Sufficient quantities of fluoride are an extremely effective way to safeguard your family’s oral health. Applying fluoride helps make your teeth more resistant to plaque, bacteria, and sugars that linger in the mouth.

Dental Sealants — Sealants are a thin protective coating of plastic that is applied to deep grooves in your teeth. The sealant smooths the surface, making it easier to clean your teeth effectively. 

Take the Next Step to a Healthier Smile

When you understand how easy it is to follow through with routine preventive services, you can see that there’s really no reason to put off these important treatments. It’s a fairly obvious choice – take simple preventive steps now or deal with more complicated and costly oral health problems in the future.

We sincerely want to help you and your family achieve optimal oral health so that you can enjoy a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles. Please contact our Metairie dental office at to make an appointment for your next dental exam and cleaning.