Full & Partial Dentures in Metairie

Do missing teeth make you feel awkward? Do you find yourself hiding your smile and covering your laugh? When you're not comfortable showing your teeth, you start to realize how many of our social interactions involve smiling and laughing.

Even sharing a meal with someone can be difficult and frustrating with missing teeth. Chewing and speaking can be awkward and embarrassing. Dentures in Metairie, LA may be the solution you've been looking for.

At Oak Family Dental, we offer several options for restoring your teeth and enhancing your smile. Some of our most popular tooth replacement options include dental bridges, dental implants, and dentures. We’ll spend some time going over your smile goals to design a functional and natural-looking smile you can be proud to show the world.

If you’re considering dentures in Metairie, LA, contact a member of our dental team to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

And continue reading to learn more about dentures and our tooth-replacement options.

What Are Dentures?

Full dentures take the place of missing teeth, standing in for complete tooth loss. Partial dentures, on the other hand, stand in for partial tooth loss.

A full denture means artificial teeth on a gum-colored arch. The arch depends on your gums and natural suction for support.  

A partial denture means artificial teeth placed strategically on a gum-colored arch to fill in only the smile gaps for a seamless finish. Partial dentures rely on healthy teeth and clips for support.

Dentures in Metairie: We Pay Attention to the Details

Old-fashioned dentures not only looked bulky and artificial, but they were also known to be uncomfortable and unreliable. Modern dentures in Metairie, are miles away from the fake look of past dentures. Our Metairie dentists craft each new denture with such detail that they are natural-looking and realistic. They also function as expected, allowing you to enjoy your meals and smile with confidence.

We are never satisfied until you are, which is why all our dentures are fitted to match your oral cavity perfectly. Your dentures should enable you to eat and chew your favorite foods again, speak with clarity, and smile often. At Oak Family Dental, we combine ultramodern dental technology with high-quality, durable dental material to craft state-of-the-art dentures.

Getting dentures in Metairie is an investment in time and money, and you should be thrilled with the outcome. Our doctors will take the time to explain all your options as well as their advantages and disadvantages. However, you are always in total control of the direction your treatment takes. We support you in any decision you make and will work hard to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Are Dentures Right for You?

Your dentist in Metairie offers a variety of tooth replacement options to restore your smile, but if you are considering dentures, the first step is always a consultation—especially if you have not been to the dentist in a while.

Considerations for denture candidacy may include the condition of your—tooth loss leads to bone loss. However, most patients can successfully wear dentures.

For partial dentures, it is essential that your remaining teeth are healthy to support this appliance.

If dentures are right for you, your dentist takes impressions of your mouth. We use these results to create your custom denture or partial denture.

For those looking for added stability, we can also provide an implant-supported denture. This means four or more dental implants lock your denture in place.

All Your Dental Solutions in One Place

At Oak Family Dental, we have denture options to fit your lifestyle and needs. Some of our patients enjoy removable dentures, while others prefer permanent implant-retained dentures in Metairie. The choice is yours, but we are happy to explain the process of either and which dental treatment is perfect for you. 

We offer full or complete dentures in Metairie for patients who are missing all their teeth in either their upper or lower arches. 

Partial dentures are for patients who are missing a few teeth, but not all of them. Partial dentures anchor to neighboring teeth using teeth clasps to support the prosthetic.

While removable dentures instantly restore your smile and bite function, many patients dislike how these dentures can shift or move around over time and as the jawbone shrinks away. Implant-supported dentures in Metairie can treat this issue by anchoring your prosthetic to your jawbone to eliminate any movement. 

During the implant process, we provide temporary replacement teeth, called "Teeth-in-a-Day," to keep our patients smiling. You will never have to worry about living without teeth; we are always ready to craft a temporary smile while you wait for a permanent solution.

The best part of implant-supported dentures is that once the implant is fully secured, we can simply place your dentures directly onto the implants. We work with a top oral surgeon in the area who removes your teeth, then places your implants—all while you’re comfortably sedated.

When the process is complete, one of our doctors will fit your new dentures right there at the oral surgeon’s office.

Getting dentures is a gift you give yourself, and with proper care and maintenance can last many years. We encourage all our patients to be active in their oral health, so we take the time to go through all your options and explain each procedure. In the end, the decision is up to you—you will always have an ultimate say in your smile treatment plan. We will still support your choices and will work with you to achieve your dream smile. 

Caring for Your Dentures and Your Oral Health

Even if you have full or partial dentures, it is still crucial to visit your dentist at least twice each day for dental exams. Tooth replacement will not prevent gum disease, which can cause additional tooth loss and even loss of your denture. For partial denture wearers, it’s important to keep your remaining teeth healthy to support your prosthetic.

You should also soak your denture daily in a denture bath and never use toothpaste to clean your plate or artificial teeth. There are denture pastes available that are less abrasive compared with toothpaste but just as effective.

If you notice a crack in your denture, it is important to contact your dentist—these cracks allow for the accumulation of bacteria, which can lead to gum disease.  

Your dentist in Metairie, LA will provide any additional tips and advice to help you make the most of your new smile.

Learn More about Dentures in Metairie, LA

We’ve treated several generations of families, and some of our patients have been with Dr. Troy Patterson for over 30 years. Our patients know they can count on us to deliver consistent, highly skilled dental care in a comfortable and welcoming setting.

Your dream smile really is closer than you think.

Our entire dental team is here to give you quality patient care, personalized to your specific needs. So, if you're interested in full or partial dentures, please contact our office today for a consultation from one of our dedicated team members. We also encourage you to get in touch with a dental staff member if you have any questions.